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We aim to reduce expenditure and liability by providing a simple overview of software deployment and usage. Our service aims to realise cost reduction, procurement improvements and a return on investment.

We believe that such benefits should be available and affordable for companies of all sizes and that in order to achieve these goals you should not have to commit to the purchase of expensive software products and services.

We have invested in the development of Ensemble – a simple, effective and low cost asset management and discovery solution that enables us to achieve these goals.

Compass SAM

Compass Software Asset Management is a leader in the delivery of effective IT Asset Management.

SAM Partners who utilise third party discovery software incur higher initial Licence costs. Compass are unique in developing our own Asset Management tool and can therefore deliver quality services at a significantly reduced cost which enables SAM as a Service to fit the budgets of all organisations.

We are the South West's only Microsoft SAM Gold Partner and hold partnerships with all major Tier 1 software vendors.

Cost Effective IT Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is an industry best practice that helps you control costs and optimise software investments across your organisation and throughout all stages of their life cycles. Administered through an ongoing plan, SAM makes it easier to identify what you have, where it's running, and whether redundancy may exist. A fully implemented SAM plan can help you cut costs, improve security and compliance and also anticipate future software needs. SAM also helps organisations accurately capture the costs and benefits associated with IT projects that enable a competitive advantage.

As a certified Microsoft SAM Gold Competency Partner we are able to offer qualifying organisations a fully funded Microsoft SAM review.

The Compass managed service includes all Vendors, unlike some solutions which are limited to a certain number of Software manufacturers.

We work with organisations to implement a bespoke service which provides you with the information and intelligence relevant to your organisation rather than a vanilla solution which requires resource internally and expertise.

In addition we are able to provide a free SAM Review for qualifying organisations. As a Microsoft Gold SAM Partner we can conduct a full review of your Software and Hardware estate at no cost to your organisation.

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