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Gain visibility and control of your software licensing with Compass Software Asset Management and Ensemble

From rapid software discovery to complete SAM solutions, we offer very competitively priced solutions to software and hardware asset management.

Software Services

Our Software Services Team are experts in working with our customers to identify the correct licensing and the most cost effective way to purchase them. We can help to fully manage your license estate and entitlement from license purchase to assisting with audits and upgrades.

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Software Asset Management (SAM)

Our SAM services team identify the most cost effective way to manage and purchase their software licenses.
Discover and monitor your software and hardware assets. Gain control of your software licenses. Perform a software audit and become legally compliant.

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Ensemble IT Asset Management Solution

Ensemble is an easy to use Software Audit, IT Asset Discovery and Software Asset Management (SAM) solution designed and developed by ourselves in order to reduce the cost of IT Asset Management for our customers. Suitable for organisations of all sizes it is easy to set up and quickly collects and reports software and hardware data (including SNMP enabled devices such as printers, routers, switches etc) - making it available online for you and your colleagues to view.

Whether your aim is to get through a Software Audit, discover the devices connected to your network, reduce the risk of being fined due to improper license use or to achieve the goals of SAM, Ensemble can save you time and money.

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Compass SAM

Compass SAM was created to help companies save money on the software costs associated with running a modern business.

We aim to reduce expenditure and liability by providing a simple overview of software deployment and usage. Our service aims to realise cost reduction, procurement improvements and a return on investment.

We believe that such benefits should be available and affordable for companies of all sizes and that in order to achieve these goals you should not have to commit to the purchase of expensive software products and services.

We have invested in the development of Ensemble – a simple, effective and low cost asset management and discovery solution that enables us to achieve these goals.

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