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Our Software Services Team work with our customers to identify the most suitable licenses and the most cost effective way to purchase them.
We pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge that they have aquired over the years and are pleased to say that Compass SAM are still the South West's only Microsoft SAM Gold Partner.

Managed SAM Services

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice that involves the process of managing and optimising the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation and disposal of software applications within an organisation.

Our Managed SAM Service helps you get a view of all your hardware and software assets and ensures that you are fully license compliant.

Our Managed SAM Service offering includes:

Software Licensing
Investing in software can be an expensive activity for any organisation. Our license specialists are well qualified to help you get the most from your investment. Software vendors often have a multitude of different ways to purchase software which can be bewildering to many. At Compass SAM we understand each and every option in detail and can ensure we fit the best licensing solution for you.
License Consultancy
Planning a new system and unsure as to what licenses you need? Compass SAM regularly work with our customers at the project planning stage in order to help identify the correct license requirements and associated costs.
Software and Hardware Reviews
We deliver electronic and physical reviews for customers where time and resources do not permit successful internal completion or where customers are not comfortable with running the review themselves. Our software licensing consultants can manage the review from engagement to completion and provide all the necessary management reports you need to clearly understand your IT estate.

Ensemble is an inexpensive, easy to use Software Audit, IT Asset Discovery and Software Asset Management (SAM) solution that we have designed and developed ourselves in order to reduce the cost of IT Asset Management for our customers. Suitable for organisations of all sizes it is easy to set up and quickly collects and reports software and hardware data, making it available online for you and your colleagues to view.

You can find out more about Ensemble here.

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